European Week of Regions and Cities workshop "Delivering results through a collaboration between Arctic EU programmes"

Date Location Organiser
11 Oct 2017 Centre Borschette, Brussels Arctic Cooperation Programmes

This workshop was jointly organised by Interreg and ENI cross-border programmes operating within the Arctic (Northern Periphery and Arctic, Interreg Botnia-Atlantica, Interreg Nord, Kolarctic CBC). This collaboration is mandated by the European Commission and the EU High Representative in their Joint Communication A new integrated EU policy for the Arctic (April 2016).

The workshop aimed to demonstrate how the political decisions in the Joint Communication were followed up with concrete actions, including an Arctic project clustering event, Arctic project awards, and joint events. The collaboration aims for a more coordinated regional development in the Arctic, now and post-2020.

The workshop report and presentation can be found below.