How to Apply Seminar - Seventh Call

Date Location Organiser
29 Aug 2019 NPA Managin Authority, Umeå Joint Secretariat & Managing Authority

This seminar has been cancelled due to the low number of registrations received, but project development support will still be ensured by the Secretariat and Regional Contact Points.

The Secretariat will continue supporting applicants during project development, but on a case by case basis. Please address your request to Christopher Parker.

The Secretariat held two webinars presenting the Terms of Reference of the 7th call as well as the special requirements for Strand 2 Capitalisation and Strand 3 Disruptive technologies types of projects. Both videos can be watched online here and here.

Two local events will take place for 7th call applicants, respectively in Umeå on 30th August 2019 and in Inverness on 10th September 2019. For further information please contact Mikael Johansson and Kateryna McKinnon respectively.