APP4SEA finalist at the Interreg Project Slam!

A live performance will decide the winner of this exciting and fun competition to communicate Interreg

Congratulations to APP4SEA for reaching the finals of the Interreg Project Slam, a competition promoting innovative communication aproaches.

APP4SEA will be on the stage at the Grand Final taking place during the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels. The project will perform live in front of a wide audience who will vote for the winner among the 7 other projects in the finals.

Good news! You do not have to wait that long to see the amazing work of Interreg. The social media competition will start in August and voting will be open until the end of September. All votes will be casted by Liking videos on Facebook, so please make sure you stay up to date by clicking the ‘Like’ button on the Interact Facebook page.


Combating oil spills in harsh, northern conditions is challenging with current technologies. Oil spills do not recognize national borders, and inefficiencies are brought by different practices and methods, which are used by different countries, as well as the challenges due to different sea and environmental conditions, and the variety of oil types used and transported by ship across the NPA region.

APP4SEA will unite coastal authorities, pool their competences and data on oil weathering, share best practices in oil spill response technologies and models. By learning from each other, the authorities can response faster and more efficiently in order to minimize environmental and social impacts of oil-in-water accidents

About the Interreg Project Slam

The ‘Interreg Projects Slam 2019’ is part of the work implemented by Interact Programme, within a series of events aimed at promoting innovative communication approaches related to capitalisation of Interreg results. Specific thematic events have been organised in the fields identified for Interact Capitalisation Networks over the past years (Migration, Climate Change, Transport, Inclusive Growth, etc.). The aim of these events is to demonstrate how Interreg works and how its cooperation model could be enlarged/transferred. The project slams target wider audiences, outside of the general group of Interreg stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Watch here the performances from the edition in 2018.