Joint Communication on the EU Arctic Policy

On 27th April, the European Commission published a joint communication entitled "An integrated European Union policy for the Arctic". It outlines the EU's policy, focusing on international cooperation in response to climate change impacts on the Arctic's fragile environment, and on promoting sustainable development, particularly in the European part of the Arctic.

The joint communication mentions the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme several times. In particular, the programme's role in leading a pilot activity aiming at bringing together a network of managing authorities and stakeholders from various regional development programmes in the European part of the Arctic. The network is to facilitate the exchange of information, plan and coordinate calls for proposals and monitor the impact of programmes on the region. The new collaborative network will also be open to participation by relevant national and international financing instruments.

Head of Secretariat Ole Damsgaard responded to the joint commnication: "It is certainly a big challenge, but it is also an honour for the Programme to get this role as facilitator within the Arctic. We’ll put all our efforts into this."