Joint Secretariat team working remotely - UPDATE

The staff of the Joint Secretariat will be working from home in accordance with the measures taken by the Danish Government for limiting the spread of Corona Virus.

*** UPDATE - The Prime Minister of Denmark has announced today Monday 23rd March, that the lockdown period is extended through the Easter break, until 13th April included.***

Denmark is now on coronavirus lockdown, becoming the second country in Europe to do so. The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has declared that all Danish schools, universities, and kindergartens will be shut for two weeks.This measures also include banning indoor events with 100 or more participants, and sending non-critical public sector employees home. 

The JS team can be reached on email and mobile during usual business hours.

Kirsti Mijnhijmer
Mobile: +45 2511 6931

Michela Gaifami
Mobile: +45 2511 2344

Christopher Parker
Mobile: +45 2511 2391

Rachel Burn
Mobile: +45 2511 2393

The team is expected to be back in the office from March 30th.