Kalle Pakalén, a new face at the NPA secretariat - You might know him

Kalle introduces himself: For some of you I might look familiar. It's because you have probably seen me around at different NPA occasions over the past few years, and working with projects. I'm Kalle Pakalén, and I just recently moved to Copenhagen from the northern periphery of Kajaani, that's a bit north from the centre point of Finland. I joined the secretariat for a temporary position as a desk- and communications officer.

Previously I have worked in different EU funded projects, mostly themed around entrepreneurship or developing platform / application related services. I have an entrepreneurial background within the creative industries, and audiovisual productions in particular. As a curiosity, since it’s that time of the year again, I need to note that Mr Lordi, the past and so far only ever Eurovision song contest winner from Finland (…remember the guy with some make-up) recorded his music in a recording studio that I run with my partners in Helsinki.

Personally it has been a great privilege and an opportunity getting the chance to work with different EU funded projects and to work for the NPA regions, to see its people, nature and cultures. Based on this experience I must say that our world is pretty and an amazing place, in particular the regions the NPA Programme works for. To me it has been an opportunity that I know not very many get in their lifetimes. It's about time we start taking care of this wonderful environment, and in a sustainable way please! 

From the time ahead working here at the secretariat I hope to figure out interesting new views and visions for the future, and of course meeting lots of you interesting new people.

Thinking about the future; the EU's ability to communicate clearly and effectively about its existence, benefits and visions towards its citizens may perhaps play a more important role than ever before at this very moment. Argumentation that builds on the greater common good does not seem to be fashionable. It is a matter of great importance and concern also for the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme and its funded projects to work together in order to point out the good work done, the examples, success stories and role models to address this demand and showcase what can be achieved.

Enjoyable spring time to all of you!

Kalle in a nutshell:
Born: Helsinki Finland
Lived in: Helsinki, London, Payson Ut, Kajaani…Copenhagen
Family: Wife + 2 children + one already moved out.
Hobbies: Sailing, Cross-country skiing, Music: play, listen & compose, Arts & stuff

What I think
Have a plan, have a plan B and focus on the solutions not the problems.

Lessons Learned
Whatever we can imagine is what we create… so be careful what you hope for, cause you might get it.