New volunteer at the Joint Secretariat

Starting today, the Joint Secretariat has a new volunteer, Assena Rokanova Sørensen. She will work at the Secretariat for the next 5 months. Assena has been recruited through the new Interreg Volunteer Youth Scheme (IVY), which is part of the European Solidarity Corps.


As a Programme Reporter, her main role is to help with disseminating information on the benefit of Interreg on the ground, through reporting successful Interreg projects via interviews, newsletter, events and social media. She will especially focus on the impact of projects to make the area attractive for young people. In addition, Assena will help out with the organisation of the Annual Event 2017 on 21st September in Galway, Ireland.

Assena recently graduated from her education Leisure Management with main focus on event management and marketing. She has her own company where she organizes international cultural events and executes task within project management, marketing, coordinating, and budget planning.

In her own words, “the reason why I applied for this position is mainly because I have always been interested in the development of local communities. It is interesting to learn about how to foster more robust and dynamic local communities based on the abundance natural resources and versatile business sector in the Programme area. In my opinion, it is important to develop awareness by informing about the benefits of the Programme, so the results become more visible and respected. “

We welcome Assena to the Joint Secretariat team!

The IVY scheme was launched by the Association European of Border Regions in March 2017. Both Interreg programmes and Interreg projects can be host organisations for an IVY volunteer. For more information, see