Sixth Call Project Decisions

The NPA 2014-2020 Monitoring Committee met on 13th -14th March in Sundsvall, Sweden, to decide on the main projects applications submitted for the Sixth Call. The Monitoring Committee approved 6 projects out of the 25 applications received.

In total, approximately 5 million EUR was allocated, bringing the total commitment up to 94% of the programme funding. 

The following 6 projects were approved with conditions:

For a detailed overview of the 6 approved projects, please see the Sixth Call Approved Projects Overview

All applicants will receive more detailed information as soon as the meeting minutes have been finalised and approved by the Chair.

Next Call
At their meeting, the MC also decided that the Seventh Call will run from 1st July to 20th September 2019. The call will open for two types of projects: main and capitalisation projects. The Terms of Reference for the call will be based on an analysis of thematic gaps and will define specific requirements for capitalisation projects.

Preparatory Projects
Please note that the ongoing Preparatory Project call is closed. Therefore it will not be possible to submit Preparatory Projects aiming for the Seventh call.