Summer Holiday Schedule 2017

During the summer holiday period, the Joint Secretariat and Managing Authority will not be fully staffed.

Joint Secretariat

Planned vacations for the desk officers:

  • Ole Damsgaard: 10th July - 14th August
  • Christopher Parker: 10th July - 4th August
  • Kirsti Mijnhijmer: 26th-30th June + 17th-21st July + 12th-21st August
  • Rachel Burn: 11th-25th August
  • Assena Rokanova Sørensen: 26th-30th June

Managing Authority

Planned vacations for the desk officers:

  • Annika Blomster: 10th July - 11th August
  • Stefan Nyström: 26th-30th June + 10th July - 11th August
  • Linda Wormö: 12th June start of holidays, followed by maternity leave