The 2007-2013 Northern Periphery Programme is officially closed

The European Commission examined the final documentation and approved the closure of the NPP programme.

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

When you accomplish something, it is an exciting moment. And these are exciting moments at the NPA programme since the Commission announced that the 2007-2013 Northern Periphery Programme is now a closed chapter.

Luckily the book continues and we are already two-thirds into the new chapter: the 2014-2020 Northern Periphery and Arctic programme. Naturally the NPP provided the foundation for the current programme, which built on past achievements and expanded its focus e.g. to include the Arctic. What was carried over from the old to the new Programme? We asked the Heads of the Managing Authority and Joint Secretariat, Annika Blomster and Kirsti Mijnhijmer.

What are the distinctive features of the NPP?

Annika: The 47 main projects co-funded by the NPP 2007-2013 programme have delivered results ranging from improved access to services in a vast programme area to job creation by helping overcome structural disadvantages.

Kirsti: The Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013 built on a tradition of incremental growth since the Scottish-Nordic cooperation in the late nineties. Ireland and Northern Ireland joined as new programme partner countries, and very successfully became part of the NPP family. The Programme distinguished itself by its clear thematic approach, a people’s perspective, and a strong focus on tangible results. The fact that several NPP projects received a RegioStars Award is recognition of this.

What is the inheritance of the NPP?

Annika: The NPP projects have had a strong focus on results and addressing real needs of people in the vast programme area, which has facilitated for the programme to move into the current 2014-2020 programme period with its´ strong focus on result orientation. The NPA programme has been able to build on the strong track record of the previous programme and project achievements

Kirsti: The Achievements report demonstrates very well what impacts NPP projects continue to make on remote and sparsely populated communities. Everyone involved in making the NPP a success, especially the projects, can rightfully feel proud of what we have accomplished together.


The formal closing date of the 2007-2013 NPP is fixed at 29th December 2017. This is the starting date of a three-year period during which the supporting documentation for NPP projects must be kept available, that is until 29th December 2020.

Thanks to all those involved in making the 2007-2013 Northern Periphery Programme such a successful story!