Trans-Atlantic cooperation: exchange of experiences between Ireland and Canada

The Laurentic Forum - Sustaining Coastal Communities, looks at shared best practices in the sustainable development of Coastal Communities in the peripheral North Atlantic Area. The NPA presented their projects' experiences.

Family Picture at the Laurentic Forum 2019

Colm McColgan (ERNACT), Christopher Parker (NPA) with Rena Donaghey and Brian Boyle (ERNACT Board Members).

During the first day, the conference reviewed the opportunities that the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme brings to Europe and Atlantic Canada, to discuss how revitalize coastal communities through the digital revolution and to exchange experiences about sustaining coastal communities in a Trans-Atlantic framework.

On the second day, conference meetings and workshops have been looking at shared best practices in Economic, Rural and Community Development in each other’s region. Other topics covered how to collaborate on Pan-Atlantic Projects through EU Programmes such as the Northern Periphery and Arctic Fund and the EU Atlantic Area Fund both of which Newfoundland and Labrador is a dedicated Non-EU Partner Region.

The Laurentic Forum brings together a cross section from the Private, Public, Educational and the Community Sectors from a number of regions such as Donegal, Derry, Newfoundland, Canada and Norway.