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The Craft Reach project aims to develop and test services to help quality craft businesses grow and prosper in peripheral areas by improving their business models and their premises, lifting the products onto the international market and use the businesses as focal points in the local community and as inspiration for young people.


The project objectives are to: Help artisan businesses prosper, lodge artisans firmly in their local communities; to deepen embeddedness, and, internationalise the artisans.



Business development:

As a result of the project, 21 new Économusées opened in the NPA and in Canada. These are living crafts business where the history of the company and the craft is demonstrated to visitors as part of an authentic experience of the artisans at work. The Économusée businesses are mostly private companies, who, by a cross-discipline 6-stage transformation process become self-sustainable and earn their living through increased visits and sales of the crafts products.

Improved competitiveness:

Artisans were assisted in making their businesses more noticeable. The changes improved visitors´ experience and contributed to an increased number of tourists. SMEs have developed e.g. new road signs, posters, guided tours, or re-built the workshops so the tourist could see the crafts´ production. After becoming a member of Économusée network, businesses can reach international markets. Being included in the Économusée website and brochure also helped artisans to promote their crafts.


Changing attitude and behaviour:

Économusées are not meant to be visited only by tourists. The artisans involved in the project have tested several models of how Économusées can be attractive also for local visitors. Artisans have for example re-organized their workshops to have a small art gallery where local artists can exhibit, they organized concerts of local musicians in their workshops, hosted young artists from different regions, or collected stories from senior citizens to become a part of the Économusées story-telling.

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Project Info

Business development, trade, marketing
2 Entrepreneurship
2.1 Improved support systems for SMEs
Project duration
13-04-15 to 12-04-18
Total budget
1 640 524 EUR
NPA co-financing
956 239 EUR
Target groups
enterprise, including SME
business support organisation