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Project Aurora Exhibitions - AE

Project Acronym Aurora Exhibitions - AE
Project Title Science Tourism: services and products for Dancing with the Lights
Priority 2 Entrepreneurship
Objective 2.2 Greater market reach
Theme Tourism, recreation, cultural heritage, languages
Target groups General public
business support organisation
education/training centre and school
infrastructure and (public) service provider
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer Ole Damsgaard
Project duration 14-04-16 to 29-11-16
Total budget 44 884 EUR
NPA co-financing 25 842 EUR


The objective of the preparatory project is to develop a high quality main project application.


The project undertakes the challenge to design new science exhibition related services and products for tourism sectors and customers in order to enhance attractiveness of related places, to secure new opportunities for local companies and to improve the understanding of local environmental and social dynamics. The goals will be achieved through partnerships and transfers of expertise between science exhibition producers and tourist companies as well as through the adjustment and the redesign of the educational activities of science exhibition centres into educating products responding better to the need of companies and their customers.

By conceptualizing and developing science tourism into services and products offered to tourist, marketing agencies and tour operators, the project will contribute to promoting entrepreneurship to realize the potential of ‘place-based’ development opportunities for tourism and experience industries based on the area unique natural environmental, indigenous lifestyles, and creative industries. Both the science of aurora borealis and the story-telling traditions of indigenous peoples appear as relevant topic to develop exhibition infrastructures and educating services and products. By producing science based activities and training sessions for guides the project contributes to skill enhancement of SMEs. By implementing pilot phases in Iceland, Finland and Norway, the project will contribute to development of new job opportunities in the field of science exhibition and tourist business.

Lead Partner