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To date, 50 main projects and 58 preparatory projects have been approved, representing approximately 95% of the programme funding. You can search the project database below.

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Project Acronym INDITOUR
Project Title Learning through arctic indigenous tourism
Priority 2 Entrepreneurship
Objective 2.2 Greater market reach
Theme Tourism, recreation, cultural heritage, languages
Target groups enterprise, including SME
local public authority
General public
higher education and research
sectoral agency
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer Christopher Parker
Project duration 05-06-16 to 30-11-16
Total budget 45 000 EUR
NPA co-financing 29 250 EUR


The objective of the preparatory project is to develop a high quality main project application.


The project focuses on the current challenges in Sámi and indigenous communities, including the search for sustainable local livelihoods, diversification of local economies and stemming of out-migration. The objective is to support local tourism companies, municipalities and communities in developing sustainable, competitive and attractive Sámi and indigenous ecotourism, based on the local needs. Our project aims to empower local actors and to boost local economies in culturally, socially and environmentally responsible ways.

The main outputs include new knowledge of indigenous tourism as a vehicle to learn from indigenous cultures, tourism products based on this knowledge and clustering of tourism companies offering possibilities to learn from Sámi, indigenous and indigenous culture. The beneficiaries of the project are local tourism companies, municipalities and communities, non-local tourism companies operating in the area, and tourists visiting the area. The novelty of our project lays in approaching Sámi and indigenous tourism as community-based cultural ecotourism that promotes learning from Sámi and indigenous-culture.

Lead Partner