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To date, 44 main projects and 46 preparatory projects have been approved, representing approximately 85% of the programme funding. You can search the project database below.

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Project AINNPA

Project Acronym AINNPA
Project Title Aquaculture Innovation Network for Northern Periphery and Arctic
Priority 1 Innovation
Objective 1.2 Increased innovation in public service provision
Theme Aquaculture
Target groups enterprise, including SME
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer Christopher Parker
Project duration 31-01-17 to 30-07-17
Total budget 44 622 EUR
NPA co-financing 26 144 EUR


The objective of the preparatory project is to develop a high quality main project application.


Remotely located SMEs are key to the aquaculture industry across the NPA territory. Sustainable growth of the sector requires innovative new products and services, yet SMEs experience variable and constraining access to innovation services. AINNPA helps to resolve this by developing and transfering well targeted transnational solutions for innovation to aquaculture-facing SMEs and opens new markets for innovative SMEs not yet engaged with the aquaculture sector.

The main outputs from AINNPA are an integrated network of aquaculture innovation services across the participating regions; SME-led prioritisation of regionally relevant aquaculture innovation topics; and new innovative aquaculture products and services.

AINNPA activates new transnational working by remote SMEs engaged with the aquaculture supply chain, a shared model for delivering innovation services to those SMEs, and combined R&D effort to develop new aquaculture products and services with international markets.