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Project C.L.I.M.A.T.E.

Project Acronym C.L.I.M.A.T.E.
Project Title Collaborative Learning Initiative Managing and Adapting to the Enviroment
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The main project objectives is "Promote and improve climate change awarness in the European peripheral rural communities through a knowledge based approach and climate impact and incorporating transnational collaboration through a best management in future years." The project will also develop a preparedness scale matrix for local authorities and partners will be able to disseminate best practice models. 


1. Research Models of Best Practice and Develop PreparednessScale & Risk Register: Develop models for policy makers which can be adapted to beused to educate local people, community groups andstatutory/voluntary organisations on local, regional, nationaland international issues

2. Produce Climate Adaptation Plan: The Climate Adaptation Plan will be targeted at publicauthorities & environmental agencies in each partner region byillustrating methods for climate change adaptationinterventions to government authorities and local communitiesin the NPA region.

3.Conduct a comprehensive evaluation and review of the projectwhich will aid local authorities in their preparedness inaddressing climate change: This will provide an enhanced capacity and preparedness ofenvironmental agencies to handle the risks connected toclimate change and contribute towards the overall programmeobjective of increasing the preparedness of competentauthorities.




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4 Natural and Cultural Heritage
4 Increased capacity for sustainable environmental management
Project duration
01-06-17 to 31-05-20
Total budget
1 366 060 EUR
NPA co-financing
887 939 EUR
Target groups
regional public authority
local public authority
national public authority
sectoral agency
interest groups including NGOs
higher education and research
General public
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer
Christopher Parker