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Project C4CA

Project Acronym C4CA
Project Title Champions for Climate Action
Project subsite
Priority 3 Renewables and Energy Efficiency
Objective 3 Increased use of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions
Theme Renewable energy, eco products
Target groups local public authority
regional public authority
infrastructure and (public) service provider
education/training centre and school
General public
interest groups including NGOs
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer Michela Schliesser Gaifami
Project duration 17-06-19 to 16-02-20
Total budget 44 070 EUR
NPA co-financing 28 645 EUR


Updated Moodle platform and ensuring ongoing usage by those who live in the NPA region

The Moodle platform, which has been set up in RECENT project will be updated with project outputs from GREENSETTLE and FAMARB projects. The platform will be used as a dissemination point for communities seeking information about energy efficiency actions

Updated open access based eco city game, bringing long lasting legacy and dissemination

Eco city game, which was developed in GREENSETTLE project will be updated, translated into English and Norwegian and set up online as a open access game, which is downloadable for anyone. Other language versions of the game can be uploaded to the site too


C4CC will take outcomes of the completed RECENT & GREENSETTLE projects and combine these with the ongoing FAMARB project’s approach to energy efficiency. The overall aim is to increase knowledge about these issues among the Northern communities, who want to mitigate emissions caused by energy usage.

Key stakeholders include various energy sector operatives and schools, which are instrumental in championing climate change mitigation. One key goal of RECENT and GREENSETTLE was to study how energy efficiency and other solutions could be utilised better in Northern communities. This resulted in case studies, best practice, investments and other practical measures. The aim was to help communities to manage, utilise their resources better and to take right steps to improve energy efficiency. FAMARB works with similar challenges and can utilise outcomes of the previous projects in implementation in a more specific way through C4CC, as will other communities across the region of the Arctic EU programmes. The Moodle platform, which was set up during RECENT project, is utilised and taken to next level in dissemination of these solutions. With these recommendations and proposals Northern communities can improve their climate actions.

The other aspect of the project, the empowerment of school children about climate change actions to be taken, is achieved through the Eco-City game, which was developed in GREENSETTLE. The game, which is available in Finnish and Russian, will be translated into English and Norwegian and made available for other language versions. C4CC will organise events in participating regions to promote the game for schools. Through the game pupils will learn about energy efficiency, environment, climate change and get ideas how to address these issues. C4CC will also engage with energy sector stakeholders identified elsewhere in the application.

Lead Partner