Project Outcomes

During 2014, an evaluation took place of the outcomes of the previous programme, the Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013. The conclusions were published in a report entitled Achievements. 

Once projects from the 2014-2020 period start reporting on their outcomes, this page will be updated. 

Based on a sample of projects, this report systematically maps project outcomes of the programme period 2007-2013 and their impacts on the communities as well as factors that contributed to a successful project implementation. The 27 analysed projects delivered 170 products and services and provided plenty of evidence of positive impacts on the programme area. Intangible impacts were found to be just as numerous and important as tangible impacts. To illustrate the report’s findings, 5 case studies were conducted to provide an in-depth analysis of the impacts.

To complement the report, a database of more than 200 project outputs was compiled based on 29 final project reports. The list can be filtered by theme, category, target group, project, country and a free text search. The project outputs can serve as inspiration for applicants and others to see what types of solutions have previously been developed by funded projects.

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