Funding Sources

Between 2014 and 2020, the Programme will allocate 55,2 million Euros to projects, of which 47,2 MEUR in European funding (ERDF) will be available to partners in Member States (Finland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Sweden) and 8 MEUR for partners in the Non-EU partner countries (Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway). 

The Euro (€) is used for all transactions in the Programme.

The funding available for projects (100%) has been distributed as follows:

  • Priority Axis 1: 30%
  • Priority Axis 2: 30%
  • Priority Axis 3: 20%
  • Priority Axis 4: 20%

The Programme is financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) contributions from the Member States, ERDF equivalent funding from the Non-EU partner countries, supplemented by match funding from projects. Projects apply to the Programme for ERDF or ERDF equivalent co-financing and contribute to the project with public or private match funding.

In general, partners located in EU Member States may apply a grant rate of up to 65% and partners located in the Non-EU partner countries of Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Norway may apply a grant rate of up to 50-65%, depending on the country. In exceptional circumstances, the Monitoring Committee (MC) may approve a higher grant rate. For small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), a maximum grant rate of 50% applies for all funding sources.

Detailed instructions for developing the project budget are provided in chapter 2 of the Programme Manual.

The table below gives an overview of the 6 different funding sources available in the NPA 2014-2020. It also refers to the geographical flexibility rule (20%).

SourceTypeFunding allocationGrant rate
Member StatesERDF47 197 306 EUR65%
NorwayERDF equivalent4 840 000 EUR50%
IcelandERDF equivalent1 584 000 EUR60%
Faroe IslandsERDF equivalent701 501 EUR65%
GreenlandERDF equivalent878 294 EUR65%
20% source for Non Member State partners and partners outside the Programme areaERDFAllocated from the MS ERDF source with a ceiling of 20% of the ERDF source on programme level. 65%
Note: regardless of funding source, SMEs always have a maximum grant rate of 50%.