1st Monitoring Committee Interreg NPA 2021-2027 Meeting

Date Location Organiser
29 Sep 2022 Hybrid Joint Secretariat

Following the official approval of the Interreg NPA programme by the European Commission, on 28th September 2022 the 1st Monitoring Committee (MC) of the Interreg NPA Programme met in Monaghan, Ireland.

The meeting was chaired by the Irish delegation and all participating countries were represented on the day.

The first task of the MC was to confirm the programme structures and procedures necessary for decision-making and ordinary programme administration. With this, the Regional Contact Points (RCPs) were established and tasked with raising awareness about the programme in the programme regions, as well as assisting project applicants and beneficiaries. The Regional Advisory Groups (RAGs) were also established in each programme partner country. These groups have an advisory role in the assessment procedure of main project applications.

In addition, the Committee agreed on the rules for project application, selection and some aspects of implementation. These are published in the Programme Manual and will be developed further in line with the relevant stages of project and programme implementation.

This was also the occasion for the Monitoring Committee to decide on the projects submitted with the first call for proposals. The MC approved the following 8 Main projects: •

  • NPA0100011 RoboDemo
  • NPA0100032 INNOCAP
  • NPA0100009 Target Circular
  • NPA0100021 Glow 2.0 
  • NPA0100025 HYBES
  • NPA0100004 CIRCNETS
  • NPA0100039 ArCorD
  • NPA0100045 ENFORCE

The MC was informed on the progress of the assessment of the 19 received Preparatory project proposals and agreed on the Terms of reference of the 2nd Call for projects to be published on 5th October with deadline on 5th December (12:00 CET noon).

On the agenda of this meeting were also updates about planned activities in the area of communication, project development support and Arctic Cooperation. The MC took note of the updates and agreed with the work plan proposed.

The Monitoring Committee will reconvene on 23rd March 2023, chaired by the Swedish delegation.