Clustering Call for project applications

The Clustering Call for project applications opened from 15th January to 31st March 2021.

By the deadline, the Joint Secretariat received 9 admissible applications. An overview of the applications by Lead Partner country and Priority Axis can be found in the picture to the right.

The applications entered a technical assessment procedure involving the Joint Secretariat and the Regional Contact Points in all 9 programme partner countries. Eligible project applications will be presented to the Monitoring Committee for a decision on 8th June 2021.

Scope of Clustering projects

Clustering projects are small projects that combine 2 or more previously successful or ongoing projects. The Clustering call offers a unique opportunity to diversify and to capitalise on outputs and results; further integrating results as well as disseminating their impacts. Thus, reaching a wider group of stakeholders with project outputs, supplementary learning and capacity building. 

The clustering projects are encouraged to:

  • explore transferring of project outputs to other organisations, sectors and/or regions, for example disseminating result and outputs beyond their ongoing or completed project activities.
  • maximize the transnational impact of existing outputs on local level end users or widening the preparedness for transnational cooperation to other beneficiaries, for example by organising collaboration initiatives that connect end users across regions.
  • increase the awareness of the transnational added value and the potential of transnational cooperation. The establishment of a lasting network could be one such activity for example.
  • Use complementary skill sets to focus on improving the uptake of project outputs.
  • gain critical mass to inform decision makers.

All projects are expected to make special efforts to include end users, and underrepresented groups such as young people and indigenous peoples.

Outcomes of the call

The NPA 2014-2020 Monitoring Committee met on 8th June online, to decide on the projects applications submitted for the Clustering Call. The Monitoring Committee approved 6 projects out of the 9 applications received.

In total approximately 1 million EUR was allocated, bringing the total commitment up to 96%.

The following projects were approved with conditions:

Projects in Priority 1 Innovation:

  • CADI SHAC - Capitalising on digital innovations for heritage and capacity

Projects in Priority 2 Entrepreneurship

  • ETRAC - Ethical Tourism Recovery in Arctic Communities

Projects in Priority 3 Energy Efficiency

  • GREENER - Clustering remote regions for energy resilience and growth
  • HEATER - Heat and energy education and empowerment for rural Areas

Projects in Priority 4 Natural and cultural heritage

  • PHIVE - Promoting heritage in virtual environments
  • POPCORN - Preventing oil and plastics contamination of ocean regions of the North

For a detailed overview of the 6 approved projects, please see the Clustering Call Approved Projects Overview.

All applicants will receive more detailed information.

At their meeting, the MC also decided that there will be a Bridging Call targeting INTERREG NPA 2021-2027 themes. The call will be preannounced on 21st June, a webinar will present the Terms of Reference on 1st July while the submission period will be from 16th August until 8th October 2021.