Final Report - Main Projects

The main purpose of final reporting is to collect information about project achievements and outcomes, and measure these against the approved project application by the NPA Monitoring Committee. Projects form the link between the Programme and the citizens in the NPA area. The products and services produced over the project lifetime have and will continue having an effect on the people and territories encompassed by the Programme. On its side, the Programme forms the link between the projects and the EU Commission. At this stage, the Programme intends to make the connection and inform the Commission about the impact that transnational cooperation has.

Guidance and instructions for how to close a main project can be found in Chapter 4 of the Programme Manual. This chapter explains the final date of eligibility according to the Grant Offer Letter, and the responsibilities after project closure.

In addition, the chapter outlines the Final Report package, which consists of:

  1. 6th Project Report- activities and finance in eMS
  2. Final Report – eMS
  3. Outputs (Supplementary Information) – eMS
  4. Mandatory attachments:

    1. External Contribution Report – PDF form
    2. Testimonial template – PDF form
    3. Typology template – PDF form

Importantly, the chapter provides detailed guidance on how to provide robust evidence for the achievement of output indicators. Besides a description of each part of the Final Report package, the chapter explains how the submitted Final Report package will be assessed by the Programme bodies.

You can find the Closure Chapter, field-by-field eMS Instructions, and all the PDF templates in the Final Report Pack on the right-hand side.