A Close-up on NPA Clustering projects

Learn about the progress and tools made available by a group of projects tasked with increasing the value and uptake of their collective work.

Screenshot from the Northern heritage online repository

The Northern Heritage Repository brings together knowledge about theory, practice and infrastructure to develop digital solutions for cultural heritage.

In early 2021 the NPA 2014-2020  launched a Clustering Call and funded 6 projects involving each 2 or more successful NPA projects. The goal of the call was to allow partnerships to join efforts to build on each others’ achievements, outputs and results, to diversify them and reach a wider audience.

One year later, we are glad to share their updates: 


POPCORN is running a „Plastic in the sea“ simulation to see how different types of marine plastic litter such as a plastic bottle, a ghost net, a cigarette butt and plastic wrappers behave in the seas. And what happens when the sea is frozen?


PHIVE has published its mid-term report and the Northern Heritage Repository – a site offering tours in the virtual museums, galleries and various toolkits developed in previous European projects


GREENER is collecting information about the latest energy innovations for households, private and public bodies in its blog. On a close topic, in case you missed HEATER´s webinar „Heat Solutions in the NPA Area“, you can watch it now on YouTube.


ETRAC published the results of its survey about what impacts COVID-19 -pandemic has had on tourism stakeholders in the NPA area (read the full report here). You can also sneak peek into some of the inspiring messages from ETRAC’s webinar about „Responsible marketing“.