Arctic Project Awards 2019 Pre-announcement

The third edition of the Arctic Awards competition will open in late March and run until April 2019. The award highlights good practice projects focused on topics of particular relevance to the Arctic area.

The objective of the Arctic Award is to identify good practice, promote Arctic cross-border collaboration, and raise awareness among projects of each other. The awards aim to highlight innovative projects with a clear Arctic dimension, which are viewed as inspirational in their participating regions as well as being seen as creating real, measurable impacts on the ground, and being of direct benefit to Arctic communities.

This year, the Arctic Awards focus on the following two award categories:

Sustainable use of resources

  • Harnessing environmental protection opportunities appropriate for cold climates and Arctic economic development, including but not limited to preserving environmental quality and Arctic natural resources

Arctic entrepreneurial spirit

  • The project supports business based on Arctic opportunities and cultural heritage (food innovation, tourism, creative and cultural industries, indigenous cultural businesses) as well as the assisting of niche industries' move to commercialisation and achievement of critical mass.

The competition is open to projects funded by the NPA or NPP, Interreg Botnia-Atlantica, Interreg Nord and Kolarctic and Karelia CBC programmes.

The competition opening day and further details will be announced soon on this website. The closing date for submission will be 26th April 2019.