Arctic Project Awards winners selected

The Arctic Awards 2019 project competition was launched on the 26th March and closed on the 10th May. The award has been designed to highlight exceptional projects focusing on topics of particular relevance to the Arctic area. The competition was open to projects funded by the Northern Periphery & Arctic Programme, Interreg Botnia-Atlantica, Interreg Nord, Karelia CBC programme and Kolarctic CBC programme.

The competition has been extremely well received by projects funded by all participating programmes.

The Arctic Project Awards rotates its categories yearly. This year’s categories were:
1. Arctic Entrepreneurial Spirit
2. Sustainable use of resources

The Judging Panel was made up of representatives from the all the Arctic programmes. It was decided that for 2019 only category winners would be chosen. Category winners for Arctic Entrepreneurial Spirit and Sustainable use of resources have now been notified.

The Arctic Cooperation Programmes wish to thank all those projects who entered this year.

The announcement of the 2019 category winners will take place during the award ceremony planned to be held during a festive reception opening the “1st Arctic Cooperation Conference - What can Cooperation Programmes do for the Arctic?” on 17th September at 19.00 at the North Atlantic House in Copenhagen, Denmark.