Arctic Project Awards

We are launching a new project competition called the Arctic Project Awards! The award highlights good practice projects focused on topics of particular relevance to the Arctic area. The competition is open to projects funded by the NPA or NPP, Interreg Botnia-Atlantica, Interreg Nord and Kolarctic CBC programmes.

Arctic Awards 2017 logo

The objective of the Arctic Award is to identify good practice, promote Arctic cross-border collaboration, and raise awareness among projects of each other. The awards aim to highlight innovative projects with a clear Arctic dimension, which are viewed as inspirational in their participating regions as well as being seen as creating real, measurable impacts on the ground, and being of direct benefit to Arctic communities.

This year, the Arctic Awards focus on the following award categories:

CATERGORY 1: Overcoming critical mass.
a. Distance spanning technology (eHealth, education, governmental services, culture, heritage and nature)
b. Match making and clustering for SMEs in Arctic sectors (cross-sector collaboration and increasing connections, export/ export internationalization as well as business incubation)
c. Pooling resources to meet (external and internal) market demands (supply chain innovation, branding, combined portfolio of competences as well as strategic clustering initiatives)

CATERGORY 2: Sustainable use of resources.
a. Clean technology for Arctic business sectors (forestry, mining, fisheries, and industry bi products), as well as capitalization on implemented innovative technologies in the Arctic.
b. Energy and resource efficiency, recycling adapted for remote communities in a harsh climate
c. Environmental protection designed for cold climates and Arctic economic developing and utilizing blue and green growth economy opportunities.

For more information, please read the Guide for Applicants carefully.

How to participate
In order to participate in the competition, applicants need to complete an online competition entry form in SurveyMonkey. The deadline for submitting your application is 22nd September 2017, 23:59 CET. UPDATE: the deadline has been extended to 6th October, 23:59 CET.

Applications will be examined by a jury representative of all the participating programmes. All applications must be submitted in English Language.

Award ceremony
All finalists will be invited to the Award Ceremony. One main prize is awarded per category. This is a trophy and a certificate, which will be presented at the evening event of the Interreg NORD Programme Annual Conference 2017 on 15th November in Luleå, Sweden. Publicity surrounding the Award, winners, and finalists can be used as open source promotion.

Contact information
All enquires should be sent to Rachel Burn, rachel.burn{at} or Assena Rokanova, student{at}

For more information about the collaboration between the programmes, please visit the Arctic Cooperation page.