Cross-border healthcare, what are the new opportunities?

NPA Covid-19 response project COVIDWATCH speaks at the webinar hosted by the European Parliament Working-Group on Cross-border Cooperation on Thursday 25th March 2021.

On Thursday, 25th March 2021,  the NPA COVID-19 response project CovidWatchEU_NPA project lead Liam Glynn, Professor of General Practice at the University of Limerick School of Medicine will be a panelist at the European Parliament Working-Group on Cross-border Cooperation on the topic "Cross-border healthcare: what are the new opportunities?".

The webinar will be an opportunity to discuss the issue of cross-border healthcare in the European Union and to reflect on the new opportunities about it, especially after the Covid-19 crisis. In border areas, health cooperation helps fight against medical desertification, coordinate investments and pool equipment to streamline public spending.

The meeting will aim to make an inventory of the new opportunities for the cross-border healthcare and discuss brakes and blockages to patient mobility in Europe, notably about the 2011 directive, which facilitates access to care abroad and clarifies the procedures for reimbursement of costs incurred since 10 years.

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