Discover the impact of NPA projects

With approximately 30% of the NPA projects completed, it is now possible to look at their work from a different angle, comparing what they achieved to what they originally promised.

Every time a project finishes, it reports the expected impacts of its efforts to the programme.

An impact is a marked positive effect on the people or organisations that are the end users (a customer, in business terms) or recipients of the project’s efforts (a product or service, in business terms).

These effects can be tangible, for example, new jobs, CO2 savings, cost savings, etc. Or impacts can be of a more intangible nature, for example, influence on policy making, institutional capacity building, change in attitudes or behaviour, etc.

A new filter option in the online project database on the NPA website allows you to search projects based on the type of impacts they have produced. The result is a list of finalised NPA projects that have made a concrete contribution to the impact selected.

For each closed project, the 3 most important impacts are described, and the tools or solutions developed by the project for that purpose are directly linked from the impact description. 

At the moment, this feature is available only for the 20 or so finalised projects. The database will be updated as new projects come to an end.

We hope that this new tool will give you a better overview of how transnational cooperation makes a difference in the NPA area, and helps to make it into a first-class region to live, study, work, visit and invest.

Watch a short tutorial to learn where to find the project impacts.