Explore the impacts of the Interreg NPA projects!

Over the 2014-2020 period the Interreg Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme has funded 58 main projects, 6 clustering projects, and more than 100 preparatory projects. All projects had the ambition to make the NPA a better place to visit, live, work, study or invest. Despite the limited means and resources, all NPA projects contributed their part.

CIRCULAR OCEAN, explored how old fishing nets can be reused

To show this, we have collected the project impacts in a database where everyone can access the useful resources produced by the NPA projects and find out in what way they can benefit from it.

What are the NPA project impacts?

When a project finishes, the partnership makes a self-assessment of the impact of its products and services on local communities. In general, the impact of an NPA project can be very concrete e.g. leading to saving costs or reducing energy wastes. Or it can lead to more soft effects, such as increased awareness or capacity.

Tangible impactsIntangible impacts
Improved access to servicesBuilding institutional capacity
Cost savingsRaising awareness
Time savingsChanging attitudes and behaviours
Reduced energy consumptionInfluencing policies
Reduced environmental impactImproving social cohesion
Man-made/natural risk reductionLeveraging synergies
Business development
Job creation
Improved competitiveness

For each chosen impact, there is a specific project work that led to it. This work is available in different forms e.g. a toolkit, study, webinar, or a case study. These materials are public and freely available on the project´s website.

To ease access to these materials, the Secretariat selected the 3 most important impacts of each project and published it on the NPA website together with a short description and links to the materials supporting the chosen impact.

Watch the video to see how to access the Impact database and filter the impacts.


Why is this useful?

If you have a project idea, it is highly recommended to browse the database to see if a project with similar objectives has already been supported. In the database you can get a good overview of the activities carried out previously and the materials that contributed to achieve the project impacts.

These can be a source of inspiration when planning your project idea. They can save you time and resources when they become the starting point for the next project, or avoid duplication!

At the moment, 72% of closed main projects impacts are published. The database will be continuously updated. Since the preparatory projects were mainly focused on preparing the main applications, their impacts are not part of this database.

If you are interested in more place-based stories of NPA projects, we recommend browsing the online Map of Results. Here you can filter the achievements of our projects based on the country you are interested in, or the theme of the project. Stories also include web links to the produced materials, pictures, and participants´ experience.