NPA Plug and play, 4 Podcasts for the holiday

Pick one or listen them all, these 3 podcasts produced by NPA projects, and 1 about Interreg, will be good infotainment during the winter holiday.


Covering topics like renewable energies in local communities, women entrepreneurs, and digital technologies & older people.These podcasts take the listener closer to the matter, and heart of Interreg cooperation.

Some podcasts are more personal and share the stories of project participants, others are more technical and present the findings, knowledge, and experience gained while working with different partners.

For a broader overview about what can cooperation do for Europe, Interact´s podcast This is Europe is the perfect choice. Through 4 episodes, the podcast gives examples of projects that are working towards a greener, more united, and prosperous Europe, concluding with a discussion about the future of Europe.

Podcasts have become an extremely popular format for sharing knowledge to a wide audience, with limited resources. We are glad NPA projects unlocked their potential!

LECO - Community Renewables Podcast
The LECO Project, Local Energy Communities, has produced and published a Community Renewables Podcast series containing 11 episodes. The podcast shares knowledge gained about community energy ownership, financing and engagement with local stakeholders.
Listen here:

W-POWER - Inspiring Women in Business
The W-POWER podcast features stories of women from NPA remote areas who have set up and grown their businesses. From woolly hats too health & safety, a boutique travel agency to whisky expertise, the women interviewed are a truly diverse and entrepreneurial bunch!
Listen here:

PLACE-EE - Technology, Older people & eHealth
This podcast presents the PLACE-EE project findings on what older people say they need in relation to IT. Guest speaker Colette Leeson explains what government in Northern Ireland is doing to support older people and help them impcrove their skills. Sylvia McCarthy from Age Friendly Ireland presents how they are working with older people to build their skills and confidence with IT.
Listen here:

#ThisIsEurope - Interreg Podcast
For its 30th birthday, Interreg launched a podcast called This is Europe, presenting stories of cooperation and collaboration across the European Union. In its 4 episodes, listeners can understand how Interreg projects are building a greener Europe, establishing connections with their neighbours, or helping the next generation of Europeans to shape their future. The last episode unveils the perspective of European thinkers on the future of Europe and what can we learn from its past.
Listen here:


Enjoy listening!



Photo by Math on Unsplash