NPA project Blue Circular Economy is among the finalists of the REGIOSTARS Award 2020

The Regiostars are Europe’s award to EU-funded projects that demonstrate excellence and new approaches in regional development. BCE is one of five finalists in the category “Circular Economy for a Green Europe”.

This year the REGIOSTARS received a record 206 submissions. We could not be more proud of NPA project Blue Circular Economy (BCE) for being selected among the 25 finalists!

Blue Circular Economy’s vision is to improve the conditions for reducing marine plastic waste by fostering a vibrant industry for the recycling and reuse of discarded finishing nets.

The partnership is working on concrete solutions that will make it more efficient for small and medium enterprises in the NPA coastal communities to run sustainable businesses based on reusing and recycling fishing nets and ropes, one of the main plastic pollutants in the ocean.

BCE is one of five projects selected by an independent jury of high-level academics in the category “Circular Economy for a Green Europe”. The same jury will crown the winners during the EU Regions Week, on 14th October.

Besides being a finalist in the Circular Economy category, BCE is also running for the Public Choice award, a recognition from the general public voting online for their favourite REGIOSTARS project.

You can show your support for Blue Circular Economy by clicking on the heart next to the project on this webpage:

About the REGIOSTARS awards

The European Commission started the REGIOSTARS Award in 2008, with the goal of inspiring other regions and project managers across Europe.

Five categories and a public choice award are open every year. In 2020, the REGIOSTARS focus on five areas that are crucial for the future of EU regional policy: industrial transition for a smart Europe, circular economy for a green Europe, skills & education for a digital Europe, citizens engagement for cohesive European cities and youth empowerment for cooperation across borders - 30 years of Interreg.

In 2016, the forerunner to the Blue Circular Economy project, Circular Ocean, won the Regiostars public choice award. Let’s keep the good traditions.

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