The NPA COVID-19 response call for application closed on September 30th

Coincidentally, the programme received 19 applications in total. Of these, 5 have been approved while 4 are being assessed. All themes have been addressed and are likely to be covered by a project.

In March 2019, the NPA established the NPA COVID-19 response group as an informal group of experts who had participated in, or led an NPP or NPA e-health projects. The group grew to 138 participants in the NPA programme area and further a field to Canada, USA and Australia.

It was through the open dialogue, exchanging of ideas, collaboration, and the spirit of cooperation of this inclusive group that worked together to bring projects to life to address the COVID-19 pandemic that is facing us all
wherever we live.

By the end of the call for applications, 19 project applications were received addressing the following topics: Clinical aspects, Health and well being, Technology solution, Citizen engagement/Community response, Economic impact and Emerging themes.

Now that the call has closed, the remaining Economic impact and Emerging themes projects will be assessed and approval decisions will be made within the coming weeks. For the 5 on-going COVID-19 response projects, they will continue their work for the next three months and report their findings in spring 2021.  Their insights will be regularly published on the "NPA COVID-19 Response" project website, CoRE, and combine into a NPA COVID-19 Response report compiled by the CoRE project.

The NPA team would like to thank everybody involved in this extra-ordinary call for applications and in the hundreds of discussions on the NPA COVID-19 response group platform, for the development of their project ideas.