Watch the NPA Annual Event live online!

Join us today from 13:00 CET for the first hybrid NPA Annual Event "Redefining Peripherality" live on YouTube from Sligo.

We have an exciting programme lined up for you today!

We will look at recent developments in the Northern Periphery and Arctic and what new opportunities appeared that can be harnessed by future NPA projects.

The conference will be the opportunity to discuss how the perception of the periphery has shifted and how this hasinitiated or accelerated changes e.g. in ways of working, living, providing services, and decision-making. The benefits of cooperation across the Arctic and near-Arctic regions also emerged during the past period, showing how the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the regions played a key role in building response capacity and preparedness for the future.

The registration is closed, but you can watch the event live on Youtube at this link: and send your questions to the speakers and panelists on Slido.