Winners Arctic Project Awards Announced

For the very first time, the Arctic Awards were handed out, at the Interreg Nord conference on 15th November in Luleå, Sweden. The awards highlights good practice projects focused on topics of particular relevance to the Arctic area. In total, 19 projects had submitted their contributions.

From the Interreg Nord website:

The winner in category 1 “Overcoming critical mass” is Visit Arctic Europe (Interreg Nord). The project makes a special effort to involve people in the design of the solutions(s) and demonstrates excellence in promoting its’ results to the relevant target audiences. It involves SMEs and stakeholders from Sweden, Finland and Norway, to combine the Arctic area’s strengths and resources to meet the increased competition within the tourism industry.

The winner in category 2 “Sustainable use of resources” is Transalgae (Botnia Atlantica). The project demonstrates excellence in promoting its (expected) results to the relevant target audiences. There is a need forcost effective, and sustainable ways to clean waste streams from different sources. Algae are not used in the Arctic region for this purpose, and the project will contribute to increase the knowledge of algae and develop the algae sector as a part of the bio economy.

We congratulate the winners!