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Project Acronym SMART FISH
Project Title Smart Labels for High-quality Products
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The core product developed in Smart-Fish is an electronic device printed onto a thin, flexible label that will be put on individual food packages. Also developed, is a service for collecting and presenting data from the electronic labels. It can be used for monitoring and tracking location and temperature of packages during transport, and the results will be presented both to the producers / distributors and to the end-consumers in a user-friendly way by use of smart phones.


The overall project objective is to create, make, and test product service systems that will help all parties involved to verify storage conditions and to improve and ensure the quality of seafood.



Building institutional capacity:

Based on the transnational research cooperation, a pioneering system specifications for Smart-Labels had been developed and tested to monitor the quality of fish and seafood during transport. Smart-Labels can be also used to monitor the transport of vaccines, human medicines and pharmaceutical products.

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Project Info

Agriculture, food safety, biotechnology, consumption
1 Innovation
1.1 Increased innovation and transfer of R&D
Project duration
30-04-15 to 29-04-18
Total budget
1 124 601 EUR
NPA co-financing
647 896 EUR
Target groups
enterprise, including SME
business support organisation
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer
Christopher Parker