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Project WaterPro

Project Acronym WaterPro
Project Title Northern Runoffs into Profits


Water-Pro aims to develop and transfer eco-efficient tools and models for runoff management in the field of agriculture and mineral extraction in Northern and Arctic areas. Runoffs from both of these sectors have large volumes, but low concentrations of nutrients and other compounds – therefore some similar measures and practices could be utilised. Moreover, the climate change will bring further challenges in controlling runoffs and water safety in the near future.


The objective of the preparatory project is to develop a high quality main project application.

Lead Partner


Project Info

Environmental protection, climate change, pollution (soil, water, air), waste management
4 Natural and Cultural Heritage
4 Increased capacity for sustainable environmental management
Project duration
30-06-15 to 29-11-15
Total budget
39 538 EUR
NPA co-financing
25 700 EUR
Target groups
local public authority
regional public authority
national public authority
enterprise, including SME
higher education and research
interest groups including NGOs
General public
infrastructure and (public) service provider
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer
Rachel Burn