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Project WELD

Project Acronym WELD
Project Title Tailored, situation focused digital service to support subjective wellbeing of the elderly couples in sparsely populated areas


Old couples living in sparsely populated areas (SPAs) often are heavy users of social and health care services and they have complex, special needs in everyday life that influence their participation, physical and social activity and subjective wellbeing (SWB). In WELD project these will be tackled with novel, preventive approach. A digital service platform to empower and activate old couples physically and socially and to support their ability to participate in meaningful activities will be developed and tested. The co-creative design process will engage end-users and other stakeholders, utilizing Participation Action Research method. Public health service providers are involved and organisational learning will involve a very practical and pragmatic aspect. As a result,older couples’ need for reactive care decreases, and their accessibility to preventive services, such as respite care and group activities, improves. This will result in lower cost of public service provision in SPAs.


The objective of the preparatory project is to develop a high quality main project application.

Lead Partner


Project Info

Demographics (youth, senior, women, indigenous), social inclusion
1 Innovation
1.2 Increased innovation in public service provision
Project duration
31-08-16 to 30-01-17
Total budget
45 000 EUR
NPA co-financing
29 250 EUR
Target groups
regional public authority
General public
local public authority
education/training centre and school
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer
Ole Damsgaard