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Project Acronym ARCTIC PACER
Project Title Arctic Public Services Innovation Cluster


Public services provision in remote and sparsely populated area is becoming a common challenge in Arctic territories. Factors such as low-density populations, long distances and other physical barriers, youth out-migration and shortage of human and material resources are putting the public service providers in high pressure to deliver quality and sustainable services.

ARCTIC PACER addresses this challenge by clustering 5 projects to explore innovative solutions for participative, user-centred, quality and sustainable digital public services in Arctic regions.

The involved projects present complementarities that will allow to tackle more complex use cases using their expertise with huge potential application in this field:

  • EMERGREEN focuses in the introduction of new emerging technologies and shared solutions
  • @geing online stresses on the importance of involving end-users in the development of meaningful digital services
  • BitStream II explores innovative business models for citizen centric public services
  • CYNIC aims to facilitate test environments for SMEs to develop new digital services
  • IMPROVE puts community at the centre as part of the solution to co-produce public services

Overall the project gathers more than 30 partners from over 20 regions in 7 countries including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Ireland and Northern Ireland.  

By clustering these projects we will be able to:

  • Explore new integrated solutions for complex public services delivery
  • Involve and get contributions from wider range of relevant stakeholders and target groups
  • Build up new partnerships to find further solutions to the topic addressed
  • Increase the visibility of the participant projects allowing them to reach new audiences and disseminate the achievement at both levels, jointly as a cluster and as individual projects.


  • Explore innovative solutions for participative, user-centred, quality and sustainable digital public services in Arctic regions
  • Create synergies among complementing projects resulting in stronger partnerships able to define solutions for complex public services delivery in the Arctic communities
  • Wider disseminate the role that digital technologies, new business models and co-creation with your community (both citizens and businesses) may play in the provision of quality and sustainable public services

Lead Partner


Project Info

ICT, connectivity
1 Innovation
1.2 Increased innovation in public service provision
Project duration
31-12-19 to 30-12-20
Total budget
35 450 EUR
NPA co-financing
29 250 EUR
Target groups
infrastructure and (public) service provider
higher education and research
local public authority
regional public authority
enterprise, including SME
General public
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer
Rachel Burn