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Project TESTED

Project Acronym TESTED
Project Title IOT Testbed


This project focuses on the innovation opportunities offered to healthcare providers and other public bodies by the provision and implementation of an Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure and strategy. In healthcare across the world, while the IoT can clearly support clinical and patient focussed aspects including diagnostics, treatment, management and aftercare, the 'hidden' aspects of healthcare provision are often less considered. In non-clinical applications, for example, water management, health and safety, energy use, waste management, estate management, medical equipment asset and inventory and many other such areas, there are substantial opportunities for businesses, government agencies, academics and the healthcare providers themselves to develop efficient and effective IoT solutions. The TESTED project uses this non-clinical focus to test the potential for IoT applications comparing three regions in the NPA area. It includes the mapping of current IoT infrastructure and use within each region to establish a comparative baseline; a review of stakeholder opinions of those engaged within the infrastructure as suppliers, stakeholders or end-users; identification of best practice; and, the development of a common but regionally flexible IoT strategy that will enable each region to support IoT Testbeds, and a process whereby such testbed projects (pilots) can be evaluated.  the main output will be a STRATEGY, a BEST PRACTICE evidenced INFRASTRUCTURE and a PROCESS to support non-clinical IOT To illustrate this planned methodology and to operationalise the deliverables identified for this project, a specific focus on water management  will be developed as a potential exemplar that, following the TESTED project, can be implemented and evaluated with funding from other sources. The output from TESTED will be an easily replicable methodology for use in any other region and with any other public body.


The strategy will be developed from a review of current non-clinical IoT developments in each region, and using qualitative interviews with experts in the non-clinical system, will lead to an iterative jointly developed and co-designed process.

To develop a process that is applicable to each region, but adaptable to local contexts, being a jointly developed and co-created expert stakeholder led activity. Associated with which will be the inclusion of templates for implementing the process. 

Through the stakeholder led engagement and joint development of the strategy and associated process and documents, the objective is to obtain greater awareness and acceptance of the IoT opportunities for non-clinical applications in all regions.

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Project Info

ICT, connectivity
1 Innovation
1.2 Increased innovation in public service provision
Project duration
10-12-19 to 10-12-19
Total budget
153 161 EUR
NPA co-financing
99 555 EUR
Target groups
regional public authority
infrastructure and (public) service provider
enterprise, including SME
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer
Michela Schliesser Gaifami