Funded Projects 2014-2020


Project Acronym CADI SHAC
Project Title Capitalising on digital innovations for heritage and capacity
Project subsite


COVID has emphasised the need for NPA SMEs to embrace digital innovation and create a unique presence in an increasingly congested online space. The complimentary skills of the 4 CADI SHAC projects will be capitalised on to engage and upskill SMEs and end users, amplifying what has already been achieved through the projects.

StoryTagging, Digi2Market, CINE & STRATUS have used digital innovation to enhance the market reach of SMEs and/or capture, visualise or celebrate local natural and cultural heritage for end users. Each participating project aligns with two of three digital themes: Immersive technology, digital marketing and data analytics and placed-based approaches that celebrate local natural and cultural heritage.

The SMEs, end users and networks of each project will derive further added value by engaging with, and being encouraged to harness, the innovation and technology of the third complementary theme. All four projects have also developed a wide range of digital skills and training materials for end-users.

Dissemination campaign: 4 streamed workshops & 4 dissemination activities demonstrating how: Digi2Market SMEs can harness place-based approaches to further enhance market profile; StoryTagging creatives can use immersive technologies to enhance engagement in and enjoyment of the stories that they bring to life; and CINE and STRATUS end users can benefit from digital marketing & analytics.

An info sheet detailing the digital training and skills resources developed by all 4 projects will be created and disseminated to 100 partner SMEs. 4 Digital innovation enhancement showcases: for local SMEs, run alongside workshops, comprising: (i) demo of latest immersive tech and (ii) an interactive information and upskilling session (having an effective and engaging presence in an increasingly congested online space). Activities will be promoted to project networks via communication resources.



Run dissemination workshops and short dissemination activities to demonstrate how immersive tech, placed-based approaches that celebrate local natural and cultural heritage, and digital marketing and analytics can enhance the online presence of SMEs.

Skills and training dissemination

Develop info sheet to share information about and combine the skills and training resources produced by all four projects and disseminate to SMEs and end users of all four projects and promote to SMEs across NPA region.

Outreach and engagement showcase

Develop events to showcase immersive technology and digital marketing to local SMEs to demonstrate how they can use tech to create a unique and effective presence in a congested online space, increasing their capacity to embrace technology and innovate.

Lead Partner


Project Info

Tourism, recreation, cultural heritage, languages
1 Innovation
1.1 Increased innovation and transfer of R&D
Project duration
01-07-21 to 30-06-22
Total budget
153 246 EUR
NPA co-financing
98 610 EUR
Target groups
sectoral agency
business support organisation
enterprise, including SME
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer
Kalle Pakalèn