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A new nordic sailing route

Helps to take more sailors and valuable connections further north

Cool Route run from 2015 to 2018, by the end of it, 20% more yachts and 40% more passengers visited the Port of Tórshavn. This indicates that even though the bigger yachts with more capacity are vulnerable for weather conditions, they were still motivated to sail to the Faroe Islands. The development of Cool Route encouraged the vessels to plan longer stays and experience local culture, heritage and attractions. The higher number of visitors was not the only benefit. The Cool Route project has helped to create a valuable network and to establish contacts in new regions, in addition to knowledge and experience exchange.


Annfinn Hjelm

Port of Tórshavn

The project helped to include the partners (Faroese as well as non-Faroese) in a network, where you share knowledge and experiences with each other. I have established valuable contacts in regions where I had none, and this creates value for my company. Some of the visitors are regulars, who always enjoy Tórshavn for a couple of days on their way to or from Iceland, while others have only recently discovered the gem in the North Atlantic.