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A Sami camp between mountains and forests

Bartjan's tipis tell the story of a living tradition

Kroktjärnsvallen, or, as it is called in southern  Sámi, Bartjan, has for long been the Summer Camp of Sámi in Tåssåsen's Community. Both calf labelling and summer separation are carried out in the paddock next to the camp. In the middle of the present buildings and traditional tipis, old tipi plots tell stories about former inhabitants. Due to the climate change, new types of vegetation appear in higher altitudes such as pines and spruces. The site is of great importance for Sámi and still nowadays they use some of the herding fields nearby.

Using the Guide for risk management of historic places, developed by the project, the Swedish partner and the Sámi cultural foundation Gaaltije produced the Climate risk Management Plan for Bartjan to plan the preservation of this Sámi cultural site.

Photo credit: Marte Boro

Therese Sonehag

Swedish National Heritage Board

The Bartjan workshops has been a platform to build partnership, which is essential to secure a sustainable conservation management of heritage site in a changed climate.

Riksantikvarieämbetet will consider the ANh risk assessment tool for future use in other projects and in future research. The Project tools and Bartjan will be an important example for us to mediate to our target groups.