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Connecting generations

Older people increase their digital skills

Societal exclusion and loneliness are increasingly frequent in remote and sparsely populated regions and have significant negative impacts on physical and mental health. The PLACE-EE project mapped what kind of services and assets are available to older citizens in 4 NPA regions (Sweden, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Iceland). In Skellefteå municipality, respondents agreed that improving their ICT skills would help them feel better connected with the community. The municipality organized 12 workshops with 25 younger participants (15-16 years old) and 10 elderly people (75-84 years old) in which young people patiently assisted older participants with technology, discussed online safety, e-health services, and the application of technology in everyday life.

In one of these workshops, young participants taught elderly people how to use an app to order food from a newly opened restaurant, so they did not feel excluded by their lack of technological skills. In exchange for IT training, elderly people shared stories and documents from their past and about the local culture and history. The PLACE-EE project presented its activities and success stories in a webinar and a podcast.

Photo credit and copyright: Skellefteå kommun


David Johansson

Skellefteå Municipality

The Place-EE project was a project that Skellefteå Municipality was happy to participate in. The idea of an intergenerational exchange brought a new aspect to our approach to preventative work and learning new technology. The project helped us form new collaborations both within our organization, with seniors and with the other project partners and we look forward to new projects together.