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Electric cars & Solar panels

Investigating new renewable energy sources

In the Faroe Islands most of the energy is based on oil, which is expensive and has to be imported. Therefore, the Environmental Agency has been looking for more energy efficient options. Renewable energy sources like wind, sea water, and solar panels were investigated during the lifetime of SECURE project. Electric cars have also been in the spotlight of the Agency due to the Faroese favourable climate conditions with not too cold winters and not too hot summers. To serve as a good example for other institutions and for the community, the Environmental Agency has installed solar panels on its roof to supply 10% of electricity as “green” energy.


Bjørn Elíson

Bjørnin sp/f

Overall, SECURE was in my mind very successful. By taking an active part in fulfilling some of SECURE projects f.i. "House heating system circulation pumps retrofit" we found both inside of our company as well when communicating to people during installing and during public meetings, "the message got out". It is possible to save energy and use energy by more efficient way then "we are used to do". The only downside was more personally for me not being able to use more time in it.