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Inspiring young entrepreneurs

Inspiring young people to become entrepreneurs

RYE CONNECT assisted young entrepreneurs to start or grow their businesses. The change in attitudes and rising enthusiasm towards entrepreneurship among young people in Greenland is the most important project achievement. The project initiated a youth entrepreneurship program and supporting tools, such as training modules, that are available in Greenlandic. A new level of transnational communication has started and continues to connect organisations, investors, and young entrepreneurs from areas as remote as far corners of Greenland.


Ivalu Wille Heretis

Arctic Greens

To me it is important to be a role model. In this regard, I travelled with Greenland Business and the RYE project where I helped to inspire many other young people. It has been exciting to be part of RYE. It has provided us with some good tools. Many of the things I've learned are not things I've been aware of before, and they are the basis for a good business planning. I have also used the tools in the business portal and the project's health check.