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Literary Tourism

New ways of exploring literature

The NPA is a culturally rich region and home to world-class literary icons and landscapes. The Spot-Lit project promotes literary tourism and supports organisations and SMEs in developing innovative ideas and new ways of experiencing literature, to be integrated into the tourism offer. In Ireland, 5 SMEs have been awarded support to develop new literary tourism ideas. Among these, Tertulia bookshop is developing new experiential products for visitors, like the Wild Atlantic Writing events or Harry Potter themed “Cupboard under the stairs” events for children. Artisan House Limited aims to create a series of literary tourism guided tours, package holidays, and maps.


Rena McAllen

Yeats Thoor Ballylee Development CLG

With the support from Spot-Lit we propose to develop a central network connecting local people and visitors to locations and sites of international literary and artistic importance in our region. The project connects the region by creating a new branded network in geographical space, in coordinated media profile, and through renewed online presence, integrating activities, places, and online visibility, and enhancing our collaboration with major partners.