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New fishing areas

Developing local urchin business

The research and underwater surveys discovered new fishing areas within Breidifjördur. This allowed the Thorisholmi fishing company to increase their annual catch, buy new fishing boat, and hire more employees. The project partners also analysed the urchin’s population and estimated its size and distribution. Based on these finding, the first management plan for sustainable urchin fishery was produced and presented to the Icelandic Ministry of Industries and Innovations as a policy advice for the following year’s maximum allowable catch.


Ólafur Ásmundsson

Thorisholmi fishing company

The collaboration between Thorisholmi and the URCHIN project has been successful over the whole project period. The results from the project are very valuable for our fishery. Knowledge of quality of roe at two different depths indicates that fishery can be conducted in deeper areas. In this period the landings have increased and the fishing grounds expanded. The shelf-life information on urchin has been valuable and contributed to exporting roe to different markets.