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New home-based rehabilitation model

Wearable sensors for home rehabilitation

Rapidly developing technology has brought new possibilities for healthcare delivery. Telehealth solutions, wearable technology, and sensors, can improve access to care for people living in remote areas and support elderly people´ independent living. SENDoc project has throughout 13 demonstrator projects tested whether wearable sensor technologies can be used for prevention, diagnosis, and rehabilitation purposes. The findings from these studies, and direct feedback from participants have been used to develop two models for home-based rehabilitation service delivery. One is showing how the traditional rehabilitation programme could be delivered using wearable sensors. The second model, shows how the need for rehabilitation intervention can be delayed/mitigated by using wearable sensors in the daily life.

Photo credit and copyright: SENDoc project


Debbie Caulfield

Manager of Eglinton Community Hall

The transnational trial collected real end-user opinions of wearable technology and has analysed the barriers which exist in making telehealth / remote rehabilitation a reality. The project has shown that as well as the accuracy of a device being key, device comfort is an especially important factor in elders. The elders were very pleased to participate and enjoyed learning something new which could ultimately help them. Trials like this help introduce technology and inspire confidence.