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Preserving the pictoresque farms of Aurlandsdalen

One of the most famous hiking routes in Norway, Auralands farm houses are at risks.

Lying in the inner part of western Norway, Aurlands valley connected Western and Eastern Norway for centuries.

This narrow and dramatic valley is now a favourite hiking area. As one of Norway´s national historical hiking routes it is also used as a storytelling environment to show the ability of humans to adapt their life to a challenging natural environment. The summer farm settlements in the area represent important cultural environments and are still partially used by farmers in the summer. The Adaptation Plan developed for Aurland reviews the risks that climate change brings to the valley and summer farm settlements, such as: land slides, rock falls, and other hazards, and suggests measures to decrease them. Aurland Kommune is using the case study plan to inform the development of municipal incentives (grants, permission etc.) to reduce risks to historic places in Aurlandsdalen.

Photo credit: Marte Boro, Riksantikvaren

Monica Hille

Aurland Municipality

Aurland Municipality thanks for the cooperation, and we are grateful to have participated in the Adapt Northern Heritage project. It has been very interesting and educational for us. We use the results from ANH, especially the action plan, as a basis in our municipal sub-plan for cultural monuments. The process has helped raise our awareness that climate change increases the risk to our cultural heritage.