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Remote Airports

Making airports in the peripheries more sustainable and attractive

Remote airports are a vital to communities as they connect people living in peripheral areas with the rest of the world. Due to low traffic volume, strong seasonal challenges and ageing aircrafts, it is very expensive to operate these airports. SPARA 2020 tried to maximise revenues at these airports and increase their self-sufficiency by among others fostering the use of sustainable fuels and reduction of the carbon footprint. Inverness airport was the first airport in the UK and one of the first in Europe to have dedicated electric taxis and a charge point for taxis. The airport is further planning to include electric taxis for wheelchairs passengers among its services.


Colin Young

Argyll & Bute Council

SPARA 2020 provided funding and support to develop and undertake a survey of existing and potential users of Oban Airport to identify their experiences/perceptions of the airport, to undertake an audit report of the Airport to identify potential improvements and, following these, to undertake work to increase awareness of the airport and to improve the passenger facilities at the Airport and to make the airport a more attractive experience for passengers.